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One way I added texture to create a more intricate basic is using grommets. The grommets were placed along the side of the pants and a tie was used to replace the side seam. 

Bias Fabric

This fabric texture was created by drawing a line along the bias and sewing at 1/4". Then, each line was topstiched to create stability. The fabric was a viscose/ acetate blend which allowed for a nice drape with little movement.


Double Knit

Using an active seam machine, I created this fabric texture to bring more life to just a black surface. The double knit was a rayon/ spandex blend that allowed me to create abstract dimension on the fabric without messing up the grain.



All patterns were made by hand. Each pattern was specifically made to the model using their basic measurements. After each fitting, the patterns were modified accordingly to ensure that the final garment fit the model perfectly. 

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